SPEARS Southwest Tour Series


June 24, 2014


This weekend the Madera Speedway management has put together a very extensive schedule of events with a large number of competitors in six divisions. Track management has also adjusted some procedures, policies and fees from what we have become accustomed to from past events at Madera.


As the event progresses this weekend, we may also have to deal with schedule adjustments as they are presented to us – we will do our best to deal with any changes to help make the event as enjoyable and successful as possible for our race teams.


Final Note; MAVTV who will be at this Saturday’s race, will be shooting footage of our teams this weekend to use during the two upcoming SRL races they will be televising from Irwindale and Las Vegas.



Friday – Gates 12 noon (Tour Cars Only), Practice Sessions 3:30pm (30 min.), 4:30pm (30 min.) and 5:30pm (1 hr.), Team BBQ and 51 FIFTY Energy Drink Qualifying Draw at7pm.


Saturday – Gates 8am, Driver’s Meeting 11am,

Practice 12noon (1 hr.), Q-Tech 2:10pm, Qualifying 3:25pm.



Friday – $40 per person pit pass / No per car fee

Saturday – $40 per SRL Member pit pass / $55 per non-Member pit pass



TRANSPONDERS: Transponders are required on the car anytime it is on track Friday and Saturday.


PARKING: PLEASE NOTE: The SRL teams, Hoosier Tire and SRL tech will be parked and set up in the southern most section of the pit area this weekend, near the pit registration.


QUALIFYING DRAW: Qualifying order will be determined at Friday’s team BBQ, as each driver will draw for his or her qualifying position.


PRE-QUALIFYING TECH: Qualifying tech opens at 2:10pm on Saturday, all cars are required to be on the ground and ready to roll to tech at 2:10pm.


IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying, you may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – please remove radios, water bottles, etc, or any item you may need from the car before leaving the impound area. Cars remain in impound until main event. After qualifying the crew has to stay with their car until the invert is determined and the car is pushed into the main event line up.


HOT PIT SET UP: Teams may set up the hot pit in the infield after the fireworks, as directed.


FUEL: It is each team’s responsibility to have your own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race. You can call Madera Speedway to pre-order your fuel, and they will have it at the track waiting for you – call 209 356-1968 or 209 769-9581.


ENGINE TECH: PLEASE NOTIFY the series if your car requires an engine inspection this weekend.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. Spotters are required anytime the car is on the track, including qualifying.


SRL CAMPOUT: Reservations are not required for the RV spaces on the Madera Fairgrounds, simply find a space and make yourself at home.



Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
2290 Marketplace Dr.

Madera, CA  93637

SRL Rate: $84

“Best of Luck to Everyone This Weekend.”


Together we can make this series something to be proud of…. thank you for your efforts.