UPDATES and REMINDERS – March 4, 2014

UPDATES and REMINDERS – March 4, 2014


Helpful reminders and information as we approach the Madera opener.



Friday – Gates 12 noon, Tech Begins 1pm, Driver Meeting 3:30pm, Practice #1 4:30pm


Saturday – Gates 10am, Driver’s Meeting 1pm, Practice #1 2pm.


PARKING: The Top 12 cars from the 2013 championship standings will park in the first 12 parking spots at the season opener. This does not mean that the 2013 Top 12 enter the pits first – the order to enter the pits is first in line, first to enter.



  • Once unloaded, please get your car as high as you can on jack stands in your pit, tires off, helmet, driver’s suit, gloves & HANS in car.
  • SRL Officials will come to your pit to conduct a ‘safety and under car inspection.  Have fuel cell ready if necessary.
  • If your engine needs to be inspected and sealed; park your car with the nose pointed outward behind your trailer.
  • Once the “In Pit“ inspections are completed for all teams, the SRL Officials will open the “Tech Line” at the scales for all cars to come through for inspection.


ENGINE TECH: All cars without an SRL engine and carburetor seal in place will be required to have an engine and carburetor inspection before competing. You may have your engine inspected Friday or Saturday before practice at your first race, first come first served. Engine needs to be cold.

PLEASE NOTIFY the series if your car requires engine tech at the Season Opener.


FUEL CELL BLADDER: The manufactures date on your fuel cell bladder must be within 7 years and will be checked at your first race of 2014 – unless you already have an SRL seal and a current date on record.


Based on notes from the finale at Vegas, the following cars did not have a fuel cell ‘seal’ and will need to be inspected at Madera; 7, 20, 29, 39, 46, 52, 55, 64, 66 and 79.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”.


ROOKIE MEETING: There will be a Rookie driver’s meeting following Friday’s 3:30 general driver’s meeting.


TRANSPONDERS: Transponders are required on the car anytime it is on track Friday and Saturday. Transponders are available at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer. Transponder must be mounted 24 inches (center of axle tube to the center of transponder) behind the rear axle housing on outside of right side frame rail. 


CARB TECH: Carburetor inspections (for those who need it) will take place on Saturday only.


QUALIFYING TIRES: Your Qualifying/Race Tires will be released to you following the final Saturday SPEARS Southwest Tour Series practice session at 4pm.


PRE-QUALIFYING TECH: The Series policy is that at the time Pre-Qualifying Tech officially opens (which is 5:30pm on Saturday) all cars are required to be on the ground and ready to roll to tech – no more working on your car after 5:30pm unless you have an approved mechanical. Please wait until you are directed to proceed in order to Pre-Qualifying Tech Line. You will have two opportunities to pass tech, before you are under penalty of slowest of two laps in qualifying.


IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying, you may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – please remove radios, water bottles, etc, or any item you may need from the car before leaving the impound area. Cars remain in impound until main event.


LICENSE: On Friday, if you still need to purchase your 2014 License, you can do so at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer. Later in the day the track will open registration for Saturday pit passes.


TIRES: Hoosier 3025 on the left, and 3045 on the right for all scheduled races except Kern County Raceway and Pikes Peak International Raceway. Call Hoosier Tire West to pre-order your tires prior to each race at 559-485-4612.


FUEL: It is each team’s responsibility to have your own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race.  You can call Madera Speedway to pre-order your fuel, and they will have it at the track waiting for you – call 209 356-1968 or 209 769-9581.


SOUND LIMITS: The DB rule of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is maximum 95dba at 100 feet at all tracks, unless the track requirements are under 95dba.  Please do your work in the shop.  Pikes Peak International Raceway will be the only race in 2014 without a sound limit. Note: Exhaust pipe and flange must be flush with body panel.


CONTINGENCY DECAL PACKS: The 2014 Contingency Decal Packages will be handed out at the Friday practice day at Madera on March 14th.  Note: ALL Contingency Decals must be displayed in the proper location to be awarded any and all prize money and points for the event. Be sure to follow the contingency decal layout, provided inside the decal packs.


TEAM UNIFORMS: The collective appearance of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is an important element to the continued movement forward of the series. Team uniforms as simple as colored t-shirts and black jeans (no blue jeans)- are not mandatory yet, but highly encouraged for everyone associated with your race team. Check www.ameripride.com for uniform ideas.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125


MORE CAR NUMBERS: Your car number is required to be on one headlight and on one taillight/ or bumper cover, minimum three inches in height.


NEW FOR 2014:  Qualifying order will be determined by an invert, much the same way as the main event line up is set, by using the combined practice times from Saturday, then drawing one number to determine the invert for the qualifying order.  Only the driver with the fastest practice time will draw, if he or she draws 17, he or she will qualify 17th, second fastest car from practice will qualify 16th, and so on.  Total numbers in the draw will equal the total number of cars, such as 1 – 25.



Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
2290 Marketplace Dr.

Madera, CA  93637

SRL Rate: $84

Other important information from the Rule Book on the following pages include;

  • Tech inspection Guidelines
  • Race Procedures
  • Flat Tire Policy



Technical Inspection Process & Guidelines


Engine Inspection

  1. Engines and carburetors must be inspected and sealed before competition.
  2. The engine must be cold.  Engine inspection will take place prior to the first practice.
  3. If your engine requires an inspection, please contact the series prior to the next race.


PreTech (refers to any scheduled tech inspection prior to Qualifying Tech)

1. Teams must identify their crew chief for the purposes of discussion of any tech issues.

2. All cars must go through Pre‐Tech inspection before the designated cut off time at each event.


Qualifying Tech

1. All cars must go through Qualifying Tech in order of their qualifying pill draw.  If you miss your qualifying attempt by more than three positions, you will receive the slower of two laps. If you have a mechanical issue, notify an official.

2. Each team must have an air filter at the tech trailer 45 minutes before Qualifying Tech opens.

3. Once Qualifying Tech officially opens, all cars are required to be on the ground ready to roll to tech line.  Remain in your pit, until an official directs you into tech line.

4. Once cars enter the tech station, cars may not be lifted, tugged, or adjusted in any manner unless instructed to do so by an SRL official.

5. Remove the hood and air cleaner to enter tech, then replace hood after tread width is checked, before going onto scales. No jacks will be allowed after air cleaner is installed, or as directed.

6. Cars should not exceed 28lbs of air in right side and 22lbs in left side tires for tech inspection.

7. More than two attempts to pass through Qualifying Tech will result in “Tech Line Probation”.

8. Air pressure and tape are the only change that can be made to the car after Qualifying Tech.


Tech Line Probation

1. Any team that has to make more than two attempts to pass through Qualifying Tech inspection will be put on “Tech Line Probation”, and will immediately be penalized by receiving the slower of two qualifying laps. You are required to take two green flag laps if you are under penalty, or you will receive no time.

2. More than three attempts to pass through pre-qualifying – no qualifying attempt will be allowed.

3. Once on “Tech Line Probation” a team must pass through tech inspection in one attempt at future events, or be penalized by receiving the slower of two qualifying laps.

4. The team will remain on “Tech Line Probation” until further notice.

5. A team may also be put on “Tech Line Probation” if their car exceeds the maximum sound limit on more than one occasion.

6. Repeat infractions of any tech specification or policy may also result in “Tech Line Probation”.


PostQualifying Impound

1. After qualifying all cars will go to a designated impound area and remain untouched (tape and tire readings allowed) until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid or as directed. If a team qualifies in the top 5, they must report to their car immediately for post qualifying tech.

2. If a car has a mechanical issue, not related to set up or handling, the team may be granted permission to pull out of impound to work only on the mechanical issue described, and start at the rear of the field.

3. If anything safety related happens during qualifying officials reserve the right to let teams fix that item.

4. Driver must exit the car with whatever they need from the car (radios, water bottle, etc) and leave impound area and no crew members are allowed in impound until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid or as directed.

5. The only changes allowed are air pressure, tape on the nose and driver aids which will be done 15 minutes prior going to grid. No jacking of the car will be permitted.

6. If a team desires to make adjustments to their car prior to the green flag, they may do so by having the driver bring the car to pit road after the field is rolling behind the pace car. The car will forfeit its starting position and take up the tail end of the field.


PostRace Tech

1. The Top 5 cars must stop on the front‐stretch – unless otherwise directed. Cars will be held there until further direction from officials.  Each of the Top 5 cars are to proceed directly to post race tech inspection. Driver must stay with car at all times until cleared by officials to leave.

2. Failure to go directly to tech area will result in a penalty of 5 positions at posted finish and a $250.00 fine.

3. Under no circumstances is there anything to be done to the top five cars prior to post race tech inspection. Tire readings while car is on the ground is allowed, never jack the car up, remove the hood or anything else, unless directed by an SRL official.

4. Teams must take any and all measures to comply with officials’ requests. Failure to do so will be deemed as an admission of guilt and result in a technical disqualification.


(All aspects of these procedures are subject to adjustments or changes as deemed necessary by the SRL officials)




Race Procedures:

SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Tour Series


Initial Start:

1. Double file, once the Starter shows the ‘one to go’ signal, no scrubbing of tires, cars need to position nose-to-tail.

2. The front row must maintain “pace car” speed until they accelerate at the drop of the green flag.

3. The drop of the green flag starts the race, the outside front row car must not beat the pole position to the S/F line.

4. No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.



  1.   All restarts will be double file with the exception of the final 10 laps. Restarts within the last ten laps will be single file.
  2.   All cars one or more laps down restart behind lead lap cars.
  3.   When the double up sign or directive is given, the leader will choose to start inside or outside. Everyone else will double up, odd positions on the inside, even positions on the outside.

4. The leader of the race must accelerate to re-start the race within the designated re-start area

  1. No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.


Yellow Flag:

1. When the yellow flag is displayed the field will be “frozen”, hold your position and proceed with caution. DO NOT RACE BACK TO THE START/FINISH LINE. DO NOT PASS.

2. Your restart position will be the position you were in when the yellow was displayed, as long as you were able to maintain your running position, or were in no way associated with the incident.  Down cars positioned behind lead lap cars.

3.  If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you rejoin or blend back into the field – NOTE: the incident must play itself out before the order is set.

4. Any discrepancies in line up will be determined by Race Control or may revert to the last completed green lap.

5. The initial yellow on the race leader plus the next two (2) yellow laps in each caution period will count, after which the yellow laps do not count.

6. Should a car not maintain caution speed, stop or enter the pits during a yellow, it will lose its running position.  You must maintain your position under yellow.

7. If a driver picks up positions after the yellow flag is displayed they may be penalized.

8. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars that are suspect and are being considered for a black flag (leaks, smoke, sparks, etc.). After they are checked, if okay – they keep their position.



Red Flag:

1. Stop single file in a safe manner – if a car does not re-start on it’s own, it may be pushed started and maintain position.

2. NO WORK may be done on cars during red flag condition – unless authorized by race control.

3. Positions will revert back to the previous completed green or completed yellow flag lap to set line up. Those deemed part of the occurrence that caused immediate red flag or cars that pit will be positioned at the rear of the field.



Ten Lap Rule:

1. Single-file restarts for last ten (10) laps, with lapped cars moved to rear of field, positioned in running order.

2. Last ten (10) laps must be racing laps; yellow flag laps will not be counted. No “Free Pass” within final ten laps.

3. Once the white flag has been displayed to the leader, the next flag will be the checkered. If there is an incident, the yellow may be displayed – cautiously race to the finish, but be aware there is an on track incident. If the track is blocked, and the red is displayed; the finish will then be a green/white/checker.


Free Pass Award:

1. On any yellow flag up to final 10 laps, the first car a lap down will be instructed to join the field at the back, and gain back 1 lap.  Any car causing a yellow will not be the recipient of the “Free Pass”.

2. The “Free Pass” car needs to drop back to the rear of the field as soon as they are notified that they are the “Free Pass”.

3.  If the ‘Free Pass” car does not reach the rear of the field by the time the green flag is displayed to re-start the race, the “Free Pass” may be rescinded from that driver and he will remain one lap down.

4. No free pass in final ten laps.



1. Any contact between competitors will be determined by SRL race control if any penalty will be imposed.

2. Any competitor having contact with the race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and or being eliminated from competition will be penalized. Race Control has the right to call over the radio to rescind this policy if the leader is considered, only by Race Control, to be blocking, in which case the above Rule #1 under Contact will be in force.

3. Retaliation – minimum penalty: Black flag, $450 dollar fine – with a possible two-race suspension for the first offense.  Second offense, six race suspension.





Unapproved tire change is a two (2) lap penalty – For a tire to be changed during a race without penalty, the tire must first be inspected by an SRL Official and must be deemed as flat (10 lbs. or less Left Side / 18 lbs. or less Right Side), or has severe wheel damage.



Steps for an Approved Tire Change:


  1. The team should notify the SRL Officials of a tire issue prior to entering Pit Lane and must stop at the inspection station on Pit Lane, or as directed.


  1. SRL OFFICIAL PRIOR APPROVAL:  No crewmember is allowed to touch or inspect a tire before the SRL Official.  If a tire is low on pressure, or has severe wheel damage, it must be first inspected by an SRL Official to be changed without PENALTY.  Once inspected, if the tire is low on pressure and considered flat, or suffers from excessive wheel damage the tire may be changed by the team with no penalty.  Again, stay clear of the tire until an SRL Official inspects it.


  1. PENALTY:  If a crewmember inspects or touches the tire or wheel before the SRL Official inspects it, or observes directly, it will not be an approved tire change, or if the tire has sufficient air pressure when inspected by the SRL Officials the tire is not approved to change and the team will suffer a (2) two-lap penalty for each unapproved tire change. Tires changed prior to inspection by an SRL Official will be cause for a (2) two-lap penalty per tire.


  1. Once under PENALTY for an unapproved tire change, you will not be eligible for the “Free Pass” / “Lucky Dog” for the remainder of the race.


  1. Excessive tire wear, blistering or other factors will not affect the determination of an approved tire change.



  1. Any tire that is changed must be immediately presented to an SRL official, in which it will be impounded until after post race tech inspection.



NOTE:  If the car is on the rim, or is excessively dragging the track.  The team may request to pit early while yellows are still counting, without losing laps.   IMPORTANT – the team must communicate this request with an SRL Official, and then be given approval to pit early to change the tire.





 “Each of us carries the responsibility to do our part to make this series the best it can be for everyone involved.”


Thank you for your efforts.