STOCKTON TIMES:  We have not heard back from the track management regarding a detailed schedule for our Stockton race weekend. With that being said, we will not qualify on Friday at Stockton, as we had discussed at the Irwindale driver’s meeting.  Once we finalize the schedule for the weekend, we will forward the times to you, and we will qualify on Saturday as usual.




$40/Pit Pass (No per car fee on Friday)


Saturday Pit Pass:

$40/SRL Members



RESTRICTOR SIZE:Both S.E.A.L. engines and SSPE’s will only be allowed to use the 1.200thinserts as stated in the rulebook.  (Nothing smaller, nor larger, 1.200thonly.)


All approved SSPE engines must use the gauge legal, 750 Holley carburetor, with the ½ inch All Star Performance Adjustable Base Plate with the 1.200 inserts.


All approved S.E.A.L. engines must use the gauge legal, 750 Holley carburetor, with the All Star Performance Adjustable Base Plate with the 1.200thinserts.



TESTING:  NO TESTING THE WEEK OF AN EVENT – See Attached Testing Policy.


FRIDAY TECH: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday.

NOISE LEVEL:  Stockton is one of the strictest venues we compete at regarding sound levels – do your work in the shop.


ENGINE TECH: If your engine or carb needs to be inspected and sealed, please respond to this email, or contact Ricky Brooks at 850-324-6821.

TIRES: 3035’s left side, 3045’s right side. Pre-order from Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612.

FUEL:SUNOCO 110 Standard is the Spec Fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.  Each team is responsible for their own supply.

PARKING:  The Top 15 teams coming to Stockton in the current SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship points, and their teammates will park in order, in the first spots.  But, the order which the teams enter on Friday, is simply based on first in line, first to enter.

SPOTTER’S RADIOS: Each spotter must have a scanner, or a separate radio that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. No longer may you use a radio that scans Race Control secondary, as it interferes with communication to the spotter, which then leads to directions not being heard.  If you need radio service and/or products, please contact Frank’s Radio at 800-869-9712.


REAR ENDS:  Cars utilizing a working locked rear end (i.e. a spool or similar) may deduct 50lbs off their total weight. 



Fairfield Inn Tracy

2410 Naglee Road 

Tracy, CA 95376 

(209) 833-0135


Group Code:  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Stockton Speedway

Group Rate:    $119.00

Cutoff Date:    August 3, 2018