UPDATES: Posted on May 6th

UPDATES: Posted on May 6th



TIRES FOR KERN: The May 21st entry listed the wrong tires for Kern, the tires will be the same tires we have always used at Kern: Hoosier F45/56*



The Kern County Raceway race will be done in two segments, see the attached information.



THIRD RACE OF 2016: SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program

If this is your third race of 2016, congratulations you are now on the SPEARS Frequent Flyer Program and will be paid a minimum $1,000 for starting each consecutive race you run in the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.



THIRD RACE: Fuel Cell Bladder

If this is your third race of 2016, your fuel cell bladder must be up to date and will be checked at the Kern County Raceway event, if it hasn’t already be checked and sealed. The manufactures date on your fuel cell bladder must be within 7 years. Please contact the series if you’re unsure if your date is recorded or valid.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”.



The June 18th SPEARS Southwest Tour Series event at Irwindale Speedway will feature Monster Trucks and a Stunt Show, due to the set up involved with these events, there will be no private testing allowed at Irwindale Speedway the week of the June 18th event. (6/13 – 6/18) There will be a sanctioned practice day on Friday, June 17th, as usual.




Due to the distance to travel for most of our SPEARS Southwest Tour Series teams, there will be no testing allowed at Tucson Speedway at anytime, prior to the sanctioned practice day on Friday, September 16th.




No hoses or holes through the interior sheet metal for the purpose of drawing air to the rear brakes.