The “CENTURY MOTORSPORTS and MARINE 125” at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway: November 15th & 16th



PIT REGISTRATION – All SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Teams are to sign in at the SRL Window.  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Pit Gate Registration opens at 11am on Friday, and 8:30am on Saturday.



Two-Day Pit Pass: SRL Members $60 / non-Members $80


Friday Only Pit Pass:  SRL Members $25 / non-Members $40

Friday Practice Fee Per Car:  $125


Saturday Only Pit Pass: SRL Members $35 / non-Members $40


ENGINE TECH – All cars without an SRL engine seal in place will be required to have an engine inspection. You may have your engine inspected Friday or Saturday before practice, first come first served. Engine needs to be cold.


TECH – All cars will be required to go through pre-tech inspection by 12:15pm on Saturday (You may come through tech Friday or Saturday, as long as you pass tech inspection before practice begins on Saturday).   Once ‘Qualifying Tech’ opens at 2pm on Saturday, all cars are required to be on the ground ready to roll to tech inspection at 2pm – an official will direct you to tech line.  Cars will be impounded following qualifying.


MUFFLERS – No Sound or Muffler Requirement for this event.


TOP 12 PARKING – The top 12 drivers from the current SPEARS Southwest Tour Series standings will be parked in order.


OWNER’S MEETING – There will be a meeting in the Bullring Tower at 5:30pm on Friday, following practice, to discuss plans for 2014 and beyond.  Owners, Drivers and Crew Chiefs welcome.


FUEL – It is each teams own responsibility to have your own supply of SUNOCO 110 Standard at each race.  If you have trouble locating a supplier, please let us know so we can help.  Las Vegas Motor Speedway does not sell SUNOCO.


RACE FORMAT – The Season Finale will be 125 laps – no break.




  • Pit area speed limit is 5 mph for all vehicles, racecars included.
  • Golf carts, scooters, quads, or similar motorized vehicles are not allowed in the pits.  (This rule applies for all SRL events)
  • Trailers may be left in the pit area overnight. The pit area will be secured each night of the event. You may also leave your trailer in the pit area Saturday night and pick it up Sunday morning.
  • Open-toed shoes are not permitted in the pit area.
  • There is no minimum age in the pit area. All minors must have a signed minor’s release to enter the pit area.




5111 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, Nevada    89122-6004

Room Rate:          $29.00 Thursday – $67.00 Friday – $67.00 Saturday
RV Park Rate:       $26.99 Thursday – $26.99 Friday – $26.99 Saturday
Group Name:        SPEARS SRL SW 1113
Group Code:         SPEK13A
Cutoff Date:          Sunday – November 3, 2013


“Thank you for another great season of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, we greatly appreciate your efforts in being part of the series and making it what it is today.”